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Pasadena was the last Los Angeles County city to close its outdoor restaurants on Sunday night, as most of California joined the state's decision to temporarily ban the practice. News of the temporary food ban came just hours after Pasadena City Council, facing tight local funding, decided to wind down a program for restaurants called Great Plates Delivered. Pasadena is the latest in a long line of cities in California where lack of funding for the program and an increase in restaurant closures have led to a broad stay-at-home policy that takes effect Monday, the city's Department of Public Works said. In Pasadena, which became one of three California cities where the loss of $1.5 million in city funding over the past two years paved the way for a broader "stay at home" program, , "which is to come into force on Monday.

But it drew a backlash from owners and politicians who said there was no evidence that outdoor dining posed a big risk, and it caused losses to the city's restaurant industry of more than $1.5 million.

Derian said seven restaurants in Pasadena were closed after inspectors found violations ranging from employees not wearing plastic shields on masks to seating in the house. According to Derderian, seven restaurants in Pasadena have been closed since April, with inspectors finding violations ranging from staffing to wearing plastic masks to seated people inside. Derderians said Seven Pasadena restaurants have closed through April after inspectors found violations ranging from wearing plastic shields on employees who didn't wear them to indoor seats, according to inspectors.

Lisa Derderian, a spokeswoman for the city, said restaurants are operated by the Pasadena Police Department and the Los Angeles County Food and Drug Administration.

Since the opening of Mi Piace, old town Pasadena has been a destination to avoid, but in many ways this is the restaurant that put it on the map. In the years since it opened, one restaurant has tried to emulate them, and they have succeeded on every level. There's a reason they're among the busiest restaurants in the city: They do it all the way down from their restaurant, on the corner of Main Street and Pasadena Avenue, right in the heart of downtown.

At least it's ground zero for outdoor dining, and that's where I tried out the breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Breakfast is great and greasy, perfectly cooked and accompanied by home-baked salsa, but the pizza is wonderful and satisfies even the smallest pizza lovers. It all starts on the terrace where you can taste their pizza and a variety of other dishes such as chicken wings, macs and cheese, burgers, salads and much more.

Those who want to get away from the fried fun without much healthy food should consider their vegan options such as the vegan burger and the gluten-free burger. The food also does justice to its surroundings, such as the delightful blessing that you enjoy with a fried chicken sandwich or the sweet and savoury mac and cheese dish for brunch.

Sushi Roku ( is located just steps from Colorado Boulevard and in the courtyard of a three-story brick building. The restaurant is a Pasadena summit built on the old and beautiful artisan cottages in an old industrial building at the corner of Colorado Avenue and San Fernando Street. Vertical Wine Bistro (verticalwinebistros. com) offers a wide selection of wines from around the world at one of Los Angeles County's most popular restaurants.

The entree in El Metate is covered in sauce, a portion of carne asada and chorizo, which is made in its own hot sauce. Bistro 45 ( is located on the corner of Colorado Boulevard and San Fernando Street in Pasadena, just blocks from the Pasadena Convention Center. There is a wide selection of wines from around the world as well as a selection of local and regional beers.

The chicken pies (Double Clucker) are slightly more tender than the normal chicken pies, but much tastier, the legs are made with Firebird Malibu Barbie Q. Coop DeVille ranges from fried, rare tuna to roasted breasts with lime flavored mayo and Napa cabbage. Senor Croque is made from a roasted breast, and the burrito is so good that you should add it to it.

The water in your mouth comes from a huge stone kitchen that can be described as the best traditional Mexican food in the city. The restaurant, founded in 1963, preserves the old recipes and menu, while constantly adding new dishes. Many of the dishes are from their well-known Indian counterparts, but the taste is a little different, slightly spicier and slightly spicier than the Indian version.

If there is a real vegetarian triumph on the menu, it is in the salad bowl, which is full of vegetables, beans, tomatoes, onions, peppers, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes. It's a classic simple burger smeared with Thousand Island and served on a thin, buttery bun. The food in Racion is here and in this place because the blackened Brussels sprouts, black and white cheese and black olives taste best and could be prepared by a thousand chefs.

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