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We have compiled a list of events to help you manage New Year's Eve celebrations a little easier.

re a local or just visiting, be sure to have a list of attractions you want to experience, as well as a guide to the available attractions. Old Pasadena has more than meets the eye, from the eclectic window shopping offered by dozens of unique shops to the well-kept back streets where you can admire the city's famous architecture. Pasadena is home to one of Southern California's most beautiful neighborhoods, and many of its neighborhoods are filled with bungalows of all sizes and descriptions. The California National Historic Landmark is located in a mixed - well-used - neighborhood just outside downtown Pasadena.

The mission is too close not to visit as you are in the area, but there are a number of attractions that make it a great opportunity to explore the history of the mission as well as the city of Pasadena as a whole.

Other providers and entertainment will also be on display, provided by some of the region's leading event planners. There are many things to do in Pasadena, but let us know your favorites in our comments below. We know what you're up to, so search us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms and you know who we are!

Entrance is free on the first Thursday of the month, but tickets must be purchased online to get free entry to the garden. Pasadena Heritage invites you to a pre-recorded online tour to experience a variety of Pasadena's architectural treasures. Wine tastings at all Pasadena locations will be held from 5: 00 p.m. to 8: 30 p.m. on Friday, March 31, so be careful and always go online to confirm your wine tasting schedule. Use our free quote request directly here at Bash to find out what a special event planner can charge for your event.

We want to help the best speakers create great videos and sell more speaker roles produced by David Newman. JPL has something to offer by offering free, comprehensive talks on Thursdays and Fridays evenings. Bebe at the Natural History Museum of Pasadena, where admission is free for everyone. On Saturday, March 31, at 10 a.m., there will be a race and a free visit to the stables, before the race starts on Saturday, March 31 at 19.30.

There is no admission fee, but the museum is free for all visitors, and the normal entrance fee is $12. Also important: make sure you are really only interested in where visitors can see some of the famous history that took place here. Every first Thursday of the month, the Natural History Museum offers a free talk on Los Angeles County history and its history.

The Rose Parade hosts a selection of talented bands each year, some of which will perform their own individual shows before the big event. The audience is entertained with performances of favorite songs, and people can put their real estate on the table to watch the annual Rose Parade.

You will eat good food, get a taste of early California life and, above all, learn about the fourth mission of a Franciscan. Pasadena Stitches SoCal is designed at the Pasadena Convention Center for children and families of craftsmen and designers to acquire arts and crafts related knowledge. It is intended for children from 5 years and older, as well as for parents and grandparents.

The keepers will focus on modern keepers with a growing number of skills and act on a platform to build success and skills that last a lifetime.

The Huntington Library is a pillar of Los Angeles culture and serves as a twin-track facility showcasing collections from teaching and research, as well as gardens, art galleries and a wide range of educational programs. With dishes ranging from ramen burgers to lobster buns, sriracha - inspired creations - it's no wonder the 626be is a popular destination for foodies of all ages.

Music lovers are invited to watch this year's Bandfest, which begins Friday, April 7, at the Los Angeles County Convention Center and continues through Saturday. The festival will offer a variety of fun events throughout the day, and visitors of all ages are invited to attend the festival. With events, venues and hosts that will keep you up to date, you will certainly have a busy spring and summer, but with more than 1,000 events on the calendar for the whole month of April, the city will have plenty of activities to keep you busy in the evenings. Music lovers are encouraged to register for this year's BandFest events, which begin on Thursday and continue through Saturday and into Sunday.

This vintage comedy club, known as Pasadena's Go, has been around since 1960, and has been a place for music and comedy. For those who want to indulge in a good old rock, check out 245 East Green Street Rose, located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the Los Angeles County Convention Center. If you're more into partying, one of Pasadena's most popular nightclubs will host its annual party on Saturday, April 7.

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