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Pasadena is the first city in California to consider a visit when going to the Rose Bowl, but is it a city worth visiting? In the heart of Southern California, just a short drive from Los Angeles, travelers with diverse interests are guaranteed to find fun in the sunny city of Pasadena.

Many hotels and motels are within walking distance of the Rose Bowl and Pasadena Convention Center. Pasadena also has a Rose Parade route, which is a popular destination for tourists from across the United States and Canada. Pasadena is full of activity, with a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment.

Del Mar Memorial Park is located in Old Pasadena at the western end of the city, and Filmore is the first stop. The Gold Line stops at the intersection of Pasadena Boulevard and Sierra Madre Boulevard in downtown. On the 210 Freeway's middle strip, there is parking for the Pasadena Convention Center, the Rose Bowl and other attractions.

Downtown Pasadena has changed considerably since Classic Route 66, and so has Old Pasadena, home to the old Pasadena Convention Center, the Rose Bowl and other attractions. The N Brodway (or any other connection) meets at the intersection of Sierra Madre Boulevard and Pasadena Boulevard in downtown Pasadena. Pasadena can be seen from Pasadena by going over the 210 Freeway and further north on the west side of the Freeway to meet the other lines and continue to the Gold Line or other routes in town, such as the Expo Line.

If you're really interested in contemporary art, you should also visit the highly regarded Museum of Contemporary Art Pasadena or the Pasadena Art Museum. After all, the museum is not as famous as some of the more famous museums in Los Angeles County, but it is nonetheless given an honorable mention. Most visitors to Pasadena will not want to miss the large art collection that houses the largest collection of modern art in the United States and also houses a botanical garden that served as the backdrop for many Hollywood movies. Located in the center of historic Pasadena, Gold Class Cinema is California's luxury cinema, and you'll find a wide selection of movies in one place, from classic movies to modern movies. The Gold Class Cinema offers great views of historic downtown Pasadena.

The stadium also hosts the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which takes place twice a year on the first Sunday in February and the second Sunday in March. The stadium is home to the Los Angeles Rams football team and many other sports teams, and is also home to one of California's most popular flea markets.

The melting pot food tours bring you plenty of Pasadena history in combination with some of the places locals like to visit, such as the Rose Bowl, Pasadena Museum of Art and the Los Angeles County Convention Center. There are many other interesting downtown stops, including a stop at the San Gabriel Valley Farmers' Market in downtown Pasadena. Located in the heart of downtown Pasadena, just blocks from downtown, this outdoor market offers a wide variety of food and beverages, as well as arts, crafts, clothing, jewelry and more.

Here are some of the places to see when visiting UCLA's Luskin Conference Center or taking a drive through Pasadena. This beautiful bridge is a Pasadena landmark and can be seen from all over the city, as well as from the Los Angeles County Convention Center. You can also cross the San Gabriel River to the Pasadena Museum of Art, whose architecture is one of Pasadena's most famous and recognizable architectural features.

If you want to drive, simply take Colorado Blvd West from downtown Pasadena and you will eventually get to the Luskin Conference Center and Pasadena Museum of Art. The nearest and most convenient airport is Bop Hope Airport in Burbank, which is only ten miles from Pasadena. Note: The light rail ride from LAX to Pasadena takes approximately two hours and requires you to get off the FlyAway bus at LAX Union Station and then take the Gold Line through Pasadena. Two other ways to get from Los Angeles International Airport to Pasadena on the Gold Line are the Prime Time Shuttle or the Xpress Shuttle.

The 780 Metro express bus runs from Pasadena to the visitor-oriented Hollywood area and is an often interesting ride that takes about an hour. Pasadena is located on the Gold Line light rail line, and downtown Pasadena is surrounded by two major arteries, Colorado Blvd West (depending on traffic) and Santa Monica Boulevard, as is downtown Los Angeles.

Pasadena has a variety of great restaurants to satisfy every appetite, from seafood to Mexican to oriental. Pasadena Best Attractions recommends hiking tours, which are a great way to see the alley architecture of old Pasadena while sampling the delicious food at Pasadena's restaurants. A must-see - in South Pasadena, the Pasadena Avenue Historic District is home to many of the city's most popular restaurants and shops.

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More About Pasadena