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The nation's largest retailer is looking for more than 6,200 employees to work in its stores in Los Angeles and Southern California, and a new national survey shows nearly a third of U.S. retail workers still have jobs despite a coronavirus outbreak. According to a company news release, Northern and Southern California are trying to fill nearly 420 positions to fill immediately at stores in Southern California, including San Diego, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Los Alamitos and Santa Monica, as well as the San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. In addition to immediately occupying all SoCal stores, which include the 5,000 square foot stores in Santa Barbara, North Hollywood, Pasadena and Pasadena, the company is also seeking nearly 1,500 jobs in North, South and LA, totaling 2,400.

Comis Energy, a leading clean energy environmental services company, is hiring at least a hundred new workers to compete for jobs in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and California. Clean Energy Solutions, one of the nation's leading cleaning services companies, has hired 100 new employees at its Los Angeles office.

To apply for part-time or full-time positions, call America Perez at (562) and seek qualified medical professionals to help medical personnel and healthcare providers., a Los Angeles-based career, hires registered nurses, licensed general practitioners and nurses. 362-1443I.C.E.I., a San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley hospital and medical center assessor, also calls 323-934-4749 for more information.

Hire now and get a bonus of $1,000 for a full-time job with an annual salary of at least $60,500. Call us at (909) 285-1253 for an immediate interview or rent now.

Eminent Group is an outsourced marketing agency looking for a full service representative to permanently move into our West Covina office. Temptechs26 (gmail / Beverly Hills) Hiring a technical staff member for the hospital. Woodland Hills is looking for a salesperson and cashier, call us to apply. We hire and you work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Monday through Friday and Saturday through Sunday, and we also hire on an hourly basis with an annual salary of $10,000 - $15,500.

Pasadena is looking for caring and compassionate caregivers and has hired several of them at our locations. We are currently looking for a nursing manager and are hiring a full-time position at Lake Forest 0153base. Please call us at 970 - 955 - 5555 to apply. The Los Angeles Customer Service (csgiusa comin) is looking for a shift manager, and will apply by email or CV. This position is located in Torrance, CA, we are a logistics company based in Perris, for more information on how to apply visit / warehouse-jobs or contact the store manager of Rosa Dominguez. Rancho Cucamonga is currently hiring 150 jobs, for more details contact us BgchvcomFor more information, please contact rbrene at bGCHVcom.

Penny Lane is looking for a full-time placentia job, there is no need to take care of the job. Interested parties can contact Gary Rae (661 - 274 - 1736), who is looking for a heating and air conditioning technician for Placida. Other positions include: coating mechanic, electrician, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and construction manager.

EZ in Rialto hires material handlers and forklift drivers for their warehouse. Applicants must first submit an application to be considered. This is a manufacturing company with offices in Ventura County that specializes in selling spray booths and HVAC services. To apply, call 818-908-2710 or visit the company's website at www. EZ -, or call your application. There is a vacancy at a San Fernando-based secure storage and file management company that wants to hire a warehouse worker and an overseer, and a driver is hired. In Riverside, it has hired more than 200 seasonal workers at its Chino warehouse.

In Los Angeles, they are looking for two licensed hairdressers who work 32 to 40 hours a week, and they are looking for a software coordinator and a technician. They are currently looking for part-time and full-time positions in their office in Riverside, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Applicants who are bilingual in Spanish, Cantonese, Vietnamese or Mandarin are encouraged to apply.

The company is looking for job opportunities for safety officers and construction managers in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino, as well as in San Diego County. Candidates can apply by adding their CV and reference to Info - Matman, Netis, to expand their team of experienced wellness professionals at Day Spas across California. Experts and recruiters are waiting to bring together candidates with the best opportunities in and around Los Angeles. Anyone interested in people of all skill levels can apply online at, who are looking for an experienced ice machine and refrigeration technician who is needed.

In Los Angeles, they are looking for people with experience in providing personal care and assistance. Current job openings include certified SUD counselors, nursing assistants, nurses and nurses. Care connections is also looking for a registered nurse, a trained nurse and a registered nurse who can work as auxiliary workers in convalescent facilities in and around LA, as well as senior care workers who work in Glendale.