Pasadena, United States

PASADENA is the city in California. The temperature is cold for about half of the year the warmest time is the month of July, August. The best weather to enjoy the holiday is in the month of January and February.


NORTON SIMON MUSEUM: The museum with a great volume of art made by the artist is very immersive. The shop inside museum attracts the tourists, the garden beside the museum gives a fresh feeling of nature.

ROSE PARADE: The parade is so colorful and experience of wonder being floated around there. Seats are reserved on first come basis, parade represents the culture of their country and people feel proud to visit rose parade.

JET PROPULSION LABORATORY: It is the place where development of space technology was evolved, related with the impressive history; the spacecraft were designed and assembled there.

EATON CANYON: Lovely scenic view of the nature being found in Eaton canyon with a waterfall .it is a great place to walk and feel your peace of mind in nature’s view.

THE GAMBLE HOUSE: This place is a wonderful historical relic. It has a very fascinating history.


UNION RESTAURANT: The restaurant is small and quiet peaceful with the multiple varieties of flavors. The food is so amazing especially the grilled avocado is amazingly good!!

PRESIDENT THAI RESTAURANT: In this restaurant the service is very quick, decor is lovely from inside food is very delicious and is worth every dollar, as the food is not too expensive!!! 

ROY'S RESTAURANT: The food served over here is with the contemporary setting, beautiful food and great customer service will be assured for your family.

HOUSTON’S: It is an American restaurant with the best food in town where you can enjoy the fresh meal with you loved ones in a very reasonable price.